Thursday, April 23, 2009

Character Designs and Illustrations -john

Please click the images for original size preview.

Fantacy Enviornmet

Female Assassin ( character design by me for a demo )

Character & background designed by me for a demo.

PC Game Theme design

Friday, October 3, 2008

Logo designs,grunge bg& scrap books

Yugapurushan- Upcoming malayalam Movie
I was involved in Graphics, brochure, still editing etc.

Logo designs

Scrap books

Grunge backgrounds

sample Header

Logos, templates, cover designs & headers -john

Sample Logo designs

GUI for a 3D application

Few template designs 

Book Cover page design

Header styles

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

ICONS ( Gelly , Glossy ) High Quality

Icons made in flash ( Funny Monster,Avatars,Nature)

Icons made in Photoshop

High quality icons with alpha shadow effects and rich gradients
made in flash as vector  and converted into raster  jpeg format.

Icons made in Photoshop

Icons In photoshop (glow ,gell metel)

Cute Smilies right !!!!!!-- Photoshop

Gelly Icons -Photoshop

Earth - Photoshop

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mobile Graphics & Pixel Stuff

Sample  theme for mobiles

Sample  theme for mobiles

Sample  theme for mobiles

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My paintings & sketches (Digital Paintings, Oil paintings in canvas, Sketches with Charcoal)

Black Magic Oil Painting on canvas board. 


A painting gift from Rony on ma wedding anniversary. Thanks Rony!

Sunny day

"Beauty in Jungle" painted in Photoshop

Painting of Xmen Wolverine

Portrait of lateSri Lohithadas

The Way I Painted in Photoshop

Pet portrait " Boxer dog head" painted in photoshop
used airbrush ,brush, smudge & Burn tool.

Feared painted in photoshop..

Obama painted in Photoshop
Painted like knife painting used smudge and
different kind brushes. This will gives more fun to watch.
Enjoy !!

I converted the below vampire pic to Hulk just for fun.Then applied a Plastic Wrap filter .
There is no Creativity in this..just a digital converson..Hope you will enjoy this one !

Portrait of Jesus painted photoshop,wacom tablet

Come alive painted in ..photoshop, wacom, flash

Sleepydog.. painted in photoshop to paint this one..

Early morning  a quick  digital painting in Photoshop...
used gradients, Grass brushes, glow, motion blur etc.

Mountain.. painted in photoshop..

Nature_mountain..painted in photoshop..

Bird-nature..painted in photoshop, flash & wacom

Innocence painted in photoshop with wacom

They way of portrait

Portrait of Arun Kunjunni (photographer) painted in photoshop

The way I paint..

Portrait of Sr.Kavaalam Sri Kumar painted in Photoshop

painting beside with the real photo

Lady reading book ( painted in Photohsop )

Portrait of my son Justyn
painted in photoshop and used Wacom 19x19

Portrait of Ashwariya painted in photoshop( not finished)

Portrait of jagathy ( painted in photoshop )

Portrait of mammootty painted in photoshop
beside with the original

Earth is not safe (painted in photoshop )

Twin warriors ( painted in Flash)

Halt In the Desert Oil painting on canvas

Concept art ( Flying Lady painted in photoshop )

Vector art painted in -Flash

Birds-- painted in Photoshop

Kadhakali Oil painting on oil sheet paper

sketch with charcoal

Portrait of Prithvyraj painted in photoshop

K.J Jesudas Oil painting on oil sketch paper

Look there --painted in Photoshop

Rainy Day-- painted in Photoshop

Dog nearDoor --painted in Flash

Cute Home --vector- painted in Flash

Clam Night-- painted in Flash

Kerala--painted in Flash

Lady with Pot painted in--Flash